I'm a self-taught artist who also happens to make novelty toys, greeting cards, childrens books, and graphic novels!  There are other things I want to add to the list, but I don't want to get a head of myself.  I love what I do and believe that my calling is to be creative and to inspire others to be creative.  I have been painting since 2003, although I can honestly say that I have been mentally painting and thinking up creations and ideas since I was a child.  All my creations have been lingering in my imagination since I was young.  It has been in the last several years that I truly have made these dreams become a reality.

My wife Rory, who supports me in this indeavor has done much in helping to make this website a reality.  Without her I would be totally disorganized and probably forgetting something I need to be doing!  Although we are both still learning much (this is our third and hopefully final attempt at a legit website!) we still have a long way to go.  This is our first attempt at truely building our own website.  Through many trials and tribulations we have both grown and overcome many obstacles along the way in this journey.  

Currently I have just my artwork being displayed.  I will be eventual showing my greeting card line, followed by other creations of mine including a novety toy line among other things.  I hope to gradually show you what I have been conjuring up in my workshop!  Everything is handmade and original.  I always challenge myself when it comes to being creative.  Experimenting and improving as I go helps me become a better person at what I do.

My blog will be an outlet for me to channel my thoughts on creativity and everything that comes along with it.  I hope to hear your thoughts and ideas on creativity as well.  I welcome comments and suggestions as well as an occassional "Job well done!"  The last part is purely optional, but hey you can't blame a guy for trying.

You can also check out my work and progress on Instagram as well as Pinterest.  With Instagram I regularly post images of my paintings in progress.  I will be adding images of other creations of mine as I get better at this.  I have a Pinterest Board which I pin my artwork to regularl showing my recent paintings along with a few of my other creations.