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Creative Stagnation!

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Creative Stagnation...a term I have utter indignation for.  I have been there myself before, an probably will again.  This being said, not being creative all the time is okay.  Your brain an more importantly your imagination need some time off every once in awhile.  If you have hit a wall or ran into a road block, then back up and go another direction. Take a vacation or read a good book!  Whatever you need to do to give your mind a rest, do it!  Before you know it, your creativity will come back and be rearing to go. Soon your be writing your next novel or painting your next masterpiece!

To be talented or not to be talented?

Talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill.  My question to this...does talent really exist?  To a certain degree yes, but talent isn't everything.  Talent implies that you have an ability that comes from someplace or something.  This takes the credit away from the individual as if they could not achieve what they have without [...]

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Creative Stagnation?

Creative Stagnation...anyone that is a writer, artist, or designer has experienced at at some point.  I personally have experienced it many times.  I will have periods(2 or 3 days) where I have no creativity or inspiration.  I will stagnate with an idea, that i can't seem to bring to fruition.  This drives me nuts!  Sometimes [...]

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The meaning of painting?

Some artists paint to make a statement, while others paint to express themselves.  Is this what painting is about, making a point or expressing a feeling.  I believe it is much more than that.  Painting, like anything you do that requires imagination and creativity and what makes you who we are as an artist.  The [...]

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What Is Art?

What is art?   Warhol or Michelangelo.  Nirvana or Beethoven.  Steven King or H. P. Lovecraft.  First and foremost art is about expression, but equally important;it is also about individualism.  The uniqueness is art unto itself.  The different styles or movements of art are superficial in that they will have many proponents.  For example cubism [...]

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The art of being creative.

Art is roughly defined as works created by artists that express ideas and feelings, but it can include other areas such as music and dance for example.  But what do I mean by the art of being creative.  To me the most important aspect is the discipline and hard work.  The dedication and commitment.  The [...]

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What makes you passionate?

Hello everyone or anyone that might be reading this.  I would like to talk about what makes you passionate.  Is it helping others, helping yourself, or neither?  Can it be learning something new, teaching something new or neither?  Is it finding fulfillment in the process, fulfillment in the results or neither?  I guess what I [...]

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Why be Creative!

Hello all,This is my first ever blog so bare with me.  I am first and foremost an artist, secondly I am a designer: an thirdly I am a creator.  So my first blog is about "Why be Creative?"  Is this a question or the answer.  Why or why not.  Am I creative by design or [...]

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