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To be talented or not to be talented?

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Talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill.  My question to this...does talent really exist?  To a certain degree yes, but talent isn't everything.  Talent implies that you have an ability that comes from someplace or something.  This takes the credit away from the individual as if they could not achieve what they have without this talent.  I believe we all have natural aptitude and skill.  Hard work, discipline, persistence and total belief in one's self goes a lot further.  Ask anyone who is successful at what they do and listen to what they say.  When people who know me view my art for the first time they always say, "I didn't know you were talented."  They don't realize I have spent many years developing and getting better at what I do because I have been persistent and believe in myself.  I work hard at my craft and most importantly I enjoy it!


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